Announcing Wee-Tag Service

No time to tag…….NO WORRIES! Take advantage of our Wee-Tag Service. We have experienced taggers that are ready to help you earn some extra money on your new and gently used items. Payment to the consignor using the Wee-Tag Service is 35/40/25 split. The Wee-Tag consignor receives 40% of the selling price less the $8 consignor fee. [button link=”” type=”small”] Get …

Infant Clothing Limitations

Infant clothing is limited to 60 pieces total. (For example: You can bring 30 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller and 30 infant boy items 9 mos. and smaller or 60 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller. Any combination will work as long as you do not exceed more than 60 hanging pieces 9 mos. and smaller.)