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Written by christy_admin   

It is recommended that you write your consignor number on a piece of masking tape and attach one to all items consigned.


  • Clean, iron and inspect clothing.
  • Hang all clothing with the open end of the hanger facing left (like a question mark).
  • We will ONLY be accepting Fall/Winter clothing for this sale.(Please see the What's Accepted Page for more details.)
  • Sort clothes by gender and size and then rubber band hangers together.  (for example:  band all girls size 2T together)
  • Onesies, socks and pajamas can be placed placed in Ziploc bags with a tag pinned or taped to the outside.  We will have bins divided by sizes for these items.
  • Clothing sets should be pinned to the top of the hanger to prevent sliding.
  • Junior clothing needs to be up to date name brand clothing.....NO ADULT OR MISSES CLOTHING!!!



  • Bring only shoes in EXCELLENT condition!
  • Tie laces together or use a zip tie or ribbon to keep pairs together.  You can place them in a Ziploc bag.
  • Put masking tape with consignor number and price on the bottom of both shoes in addition to a tag secured elsewhere.
  • Unsold shoes will not be sorted unless time permits, but can be claimed at pick up, unclaimed pairs will be donated to local charities.




  • Car seats are accepted but must have been manufactured  September 2013 or later  This date also applies to car seats that are part of a travel system.  The date can be  found on the back of the car seat or a tag on one of the straps.
  • Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalls or   Weecycled Wear is not responsible for any recalled items which might be brought or sold. 
  • Clean all items and make sure all parts/pieces are included.  If possible include manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Install working batteries.
  • No VHS tapes will be accepted.
  • Place small toys or pieces in Ziploc bags taped closed with packaging tape.
  • Wipe down outdoor play equipment.  Playhouses, slides, bikes, wagons, etc...SELL FAST!!
  • Bring only current, popular, like new stuffed animals.  ALL unsold stuffed animals will be donated at the end of the sale.
  • ONLY cribs manufactured AFTER 2011 will be accepted.  (The manufactured date must be on the crib.)



  • Make sure all pieces are included with items.  Small pieces should be placed in a sealed Ziploc bag.
  • The only televisions and computer monitors that will be accepted are flat screens.
  • No VCRs will be accepted.
  • Please bring tools needed to assemble items at drop off.
  • Check all electronics to make sure they are in working order.
  • Check the "What is Accepted" page