Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Special

Super Volunteers (8 hour volunteers) who work at least ONE of their shifts on Sunday/Monday during the main sort shifts (Sunday, March 22nd 6-10pm, 7-11pm; Monday, March 23rd 9am-1pm, 10am-2pm) will get to shop FIRST at the Super Volunteer Sale on Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm and the 1/2 price sale early on Saturday, March 21st at 6pm AND get their consignor fee waived!

***NEW in 2019***

In addition to the benefits listed above, super volunteers who work more than 2 shifts can now earn a larger percentage of their sales!!! Starting with the third shift, each shift will increase your consignor earnings until you reach 80% of your sales!!! Here’s the breakdown:

3rd shift – 69%               4th shift – 72%               5th shift – 75%               6th shift – 80%

Register as a Volunteer

** Only shifts worked by the consignor or spouse will count towards the volunteer benefits. Children over the age of 15 are welcome to come work with you, but their shifts do not count towards the volunteer rewards. I’ll gladly sign for volunteer hours for them though if they need community service. 🙂 **


Why volunteer at Weecycled Wear?

Volunteering allows you to shop extra early and it is FUN and WELL WORTH it! You get first dibs on all the awesome bargains!!! A Super volunteer is someone who volunteers to work two 4 hour shifts and they get to shop at 6pm on Wednesday, March 18th. A Volunteer is someone who volunteers to work one 4 hour shift and they get to shop at 7pm on Wednesday, March 18th. You do NOT have to be a consignor to volunteer. If you are not consigning, but volunteering…..you can come by the Greenville Convention Center during drop off to pick up your pass or we will have your name on our volunteer list at the door. One person is admitted per 4 hour volunteer shift. If your spouse would like to shop with you, we can always use “A Few Good Men” to help with set up, breakdown, or during the Thursday night presale to help shoppers out with their purchases. Volunteers are an important part of our sale, we could not do it without you! There are many jobs at Weecycled Wear. Below you will find a list of job descriptions:

  • Flyer Distribution – This shift is done before the sale. We will provide you with flyers to distribute to local business, schools, etc. These shifts are first come first serve and go pretty quickly. The routes will usually need to be done Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. If you are interested in one of these shifts please email weecycledwearSC@gmail.com.
  • Setting Up – This is the shift where we assemble and place all the racks, tables, and shelves. Skip your work out and volunteer for these shifts. There is some heavy lifting involved in these shifts. Volunteer your husband!
  • Drop Off- – Come and see what is going to be at the sale. During these shifts you will be helping us select and place the items for the sale. We need your good eyes to help us weed out items that are not worthy! Bring your items to drop off after your shift.
  • Floor Assistant- Do you like to organize and have a hard time staying in one place? This is the job for you. You will be on the sales floor straightening and organizing merchandise.
  • Register – It helps if you have some computer experience. Need to be comfortable with counting back change, accuracy is a must!
  • Bagger/Counter- Helps in checking people out by counting and bagging items that sell.
  • Door/Greeter – Do you love people? Be a Weecycled Wear Greeter…you will greet customers as they enter and collect paid passes on their way out.
  • Sort – Do you like organizing and numbers? Help us sort the unsold items back by consignor number. It is imperative that our consignors get back their correct items. Work this shift and save yourself a trip back for pick up!
  • Pick-up – During this shift you will be handing back consignors’ unsold items. This is another shift that you can save yourself a trip….volunteer and pick up in one trip!
  • Breakdown – This is the shift where we will disassemble and pack up the racks, tables, and other sales fixtures. There is some heavy lifting involved in this shift. Husbands are welcome!

Thank you for volunteering! You are an integral part of the sale. Once you have committed to a volunteer shift, we are depending on you to show up for your scheduled time. We realize that emergencies and conflicts happen, but if you do not show to work your scheduled shift or cancel and are unable to reschedule you may be assessed a $25 fee to cover a replacement person for your time.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift to receive special instructions. One person per presale pass will be admitted. We ask that you do not bring children with you during your volunteer time, this is for their safety. If you own or are a paid employee of another consignment sale you will not be allowed to volunteer at Weecycled Wear.