Announcing Wee-Tag Service

No time to tag…….NO WORRIES! Take advantage of our Wee-Tag Service. We have experienced taggers that are ready to help you earn some extra money on your new and gently used items. Payment to the consignor using the Wee-Tag Service is 35/40/25 split. The...

Cribs and Carseats Update

Due to regulations, we will ONLY  be accepting cribs manufactured in 2011 or LATER.  Car seats will be accepted if manufactured in the last 5 years. (March 2015 – present). 

Infant Clothing Limitations

Infant clothing is limited to 60 pieces total. (For example: You can bring 30 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller and 30 infant boy items 9 mos. and smaller or 60 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller. Any combination will work as long as you do not exceed more than...

Items We Do Not Accept

We will NOT be accepting the following items (Be sure to check the What is Accepted page for a complete list of items.) VHS tapes VCRs Televisions (unless flat screen) Computer Monitors (unless flat screen) Adult Clothing