It is recommended that you write your consignor number on a piece of masking tape and attach one to all items consigned.


  • Clean and inspect clothing.
  • Hang all clothing with the open end of the hanger facing left (like a question mark).
  • We will ONLY be accepting Spring/Summer clothing for this sale.(Please see the What's Accepted Page for more details.)
  • Sort clothes by gender and size 
  • Onesies, socks and pajamas can be placed in Ziploc bags with a tag pinned or taped to the outside.  We will have bins divided by sizes for these items.
  • Clothing sets should be pinned to the top of the hanger to prevent sliding.
  • Junior clothing needs to be up to date name brand clothing.....NO ADULT OR MISSES CLOTHING!!!


  • Bring only shoes in EXCELLENT condition!
  • Tie laces together or use a zip tie or ribbon to keep pairs together.  You can place them in a Ziploc bag.
  • Put masking tape with consignor number and price on the bottom of both shoes in addition to a tag secured elsewhere.
  • Unsold shoes will not be sorted unless time permits, but can be claimed at pick up, unclaimed pairs will be donated to local charities.


  • Car seats are accepted but must have been manufactured March 2016 or later.  This date also applies to car seats that are part of a travel system.  The date can be  found on the back of the car seat or a tag on one of the straps.
  • Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalls or   Weecycled Wear is not responsible for any recalled items which might be brought or sold.
  • Clean all items and make sure all parts/pieces are included.  If possible include manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Install working batteries.
  • No VHS tapes will be accepted.
  • Place small toys or pieces in Ziploc bags taped closed with packaging tape.
  • Wipe down outdoor play equipment.  Playhouses, slides, bikes, wagons, etc...SELL FAST!!
  • Bring only current, popular, like new stuffed animals.  ALL unsold stuffed animals will be donated at the end of the sale.
  • ONLY cribs manufactured AFTER 2011 will be accepted.  (The manufactured date must be on the crib.)


  • Make sure all pieces are included with items.  Small pieces should be placed in a sealed Ziploc bag.
  • The only televisions and computer monitors that will be accepted are flat screens.
  • No VCRs will be accepted.
  • Please bring tools needed to assemble items at drop off.
  • Check all electronics to make sure they are in working order.
  • Check the "What is Accepted" information below.


Weecycled Wear reserves the right to refuse any item.  


  • Spring/Summer clothing sizes preemie-juniors.  Don't forget about swim wear, sandals, formal dresses, sports clothing, etc.  We will also be accepting long sleeve dress shirts and pants. (Please save snow wear, coats and Fall holiday items for the Fall/Winter sale.)   Must be current and either new or gently used.  Clothing will be refused if it is stained, missing buttons, shows signs of excessive wear, dated, or has smoke odor.
  • Infant clothing size preemie-9 mos. is limited to 60 pieces total per consignor number.  (For example:  You can bring 30 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller and 30 infant boy items 9 mos. and smaller or 60 infant girl items 9 mos. and smaller.  Any combination will work as long as you do not exceed more than 60 hanging pieces 9 mos. and smaller.)
  • Maternity clothing- limit 20 pieces (bring your best)
  • Nursing Scrubs- limit 10 pieces (bring your best)
  • Purses
  • Pajamas- can be on hangers or placed in Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the outside.
  • Shoes- Only in excellent condition.  Unsold shoes will not be sorted (unless time permits), but may be claimed on pick up day.
  • Socks, hats, ties, belts, and hair accessories
  • Dress up clothes (sell great)
  • NO ADULT clothing (with the exception of Maternity and Scrubs)
  • NO underwear, unless NEW and in the original packages
  • NO coats, fall holiday items or snow wear ....hold onto them for the Fall/Winter Sale!

Toys & Play Equipment

  • Toys of all types....anything that you find at a toy store is acceptable.
  • Outdoor Play Equipment:  Slides, Houses, Swings, sandboxes(cleaned out), wagons, etc.  These items all sell FAST!
  • Motorized ride-on toys (charge your batteries before bringing)
  • Bikes and Trikes
  • Dollhouses, kitchens, workbenches, etc.
  • Stuffed Animals (Only current, popular, like new)  ALL unsold stuffed animals will be donated.
  • Games & Puzzles (Check to make sure all pieces are included)
  • Crafts & Educational Toys
  • Electronic toys (MUST include working batteries)
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Books
  • DVD’s (must have original case)
  • NO VHS tapes will be accepted
  • Video games and game systems

Baby Equipment 

  • Cribs ( ONLY cribs manufactured after 2011 will be accepted)
  • Crib Mattresses
  • Changing Tables
  • Bassinets & Cradles
  • Pack n’ Plays
  • Toddler Beds
  • Dressers
  • Strollers
  • Car Seats  (Must have been manufactured in the last five years –  March 2016 to present)
  • Walkers and Exersaucers
  • Bouncy Seats (check batteries)
  • Swings (check batteries)
  • Highchairs and booster seats
  • Johnny Jump Ups
  • Baby Slings, Front Carriers, and Backpacks
  • Activity Gyms and Play Mats
  • Bath Tubs
  • Potties
  • Bottles
  • Breast Pumps and Breast Feeding Supplies
  • Baby Formula and Baby Food (only accepted if unopened and NOT expired)
  • Boppies
  • Diaper Bags (please, no free hospital ones)
  • Nursery Bedding/Decor
  • Crib Sheets and Blankets

Furniture & Housewares 

  • Kitchen/Dining Room Furniture
  • Living Room/Den Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Lamps
  • Up to date Decorative Accessories
  • Desks, Shelves, and Bookcases
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Electronics (TV-only flat screens, DVD players, printers, etc....must be in working order)  NO VCRs accepted
  • Kitchen Items
  • Seasonal Decorations (Fall/Winter & related holidays)
  • NO ceramic figurines, dishes, glassware (unless a boxed set in original box)
  • No mattresses (only crib mattresses)

Please email if you have any questions about a particular item that isn't listed here.


Weecycled Wear uses an online tagging system that will help simply the tagging process and enable you to track your sales from home.  If you have any online tagging issues please contact Don't have time to tag? Check out our Wee-Tag Service.

  • Organize and prepare your items first.  This will save you time.
  • Select the Spring Online 2021 Sale and then either Create a User Account or Log in.
  • Click on Enter Items
  • Enter the price (all prices must be in $0.50 increments)
  • Click on Discount if you would like your item to go 1/2 price on Sunday
  • Click on Donate if you would like your unsold item to be donated to local charities.  If you choose Donate, your item will automatically go 1/2 price on Sunday
  • Choose your size
  • Brand/Description (For example:  Gymboree, Gap, etc. )
  • Description- You can further describe the item if you wish...not required but highly recommended in case tag is separated, so we can still look it up and sell it.
  • Category- (Many to choose from if you need to further describe your item, you can always choose Not Applicable if there is not a category for your item)
  • Tagging does not have to be complete all at one time.  You can have multiple tagging sessions.  Your tags will be saved.
  • Power Tagging allows you to create multiple tags with the same price. 
  • TAGS MUST BE PRINTED ON WHITE/LIGHT COLORED CARD STOCK!  Do not use dark colored or light weight paper or the bar code will not work.
  • Use only black ink when printing.
  • Click on Print Tags on the menu bar
  • Choose the tags you would like to print or select ALL
  • Click on Generate Tag(s)
  • Click okay and your tags will be generate in Adobe you will just have to select print.
  • Check to make sure the barcode printed with clear lines.
  • Attach tags using safety pins or a tagging gun to the top right corner (when looking at the item) of the garment. Try to find a seam to avoid extra holes in the fabric. The hanger should form a question mark. 
  • When attaching tags to toys and other items, if unable to pin...tape securely to the item.  Do NOT tape over the bar code when applying your tag to items.
  • Do not mark through any information on the tag.  If you need to change anything, you must edit it online and reprint the tag.

Transferring Items

(from previous Weecycled Wear sales)

If you had items that did not sell at a previous sale, you can transfer them to the current sale.  You will not need to reprint your tags, unless you wish to change the price, donate/discount option.  Make sure your consignor number has not changed.  Below are step by step instructions on how to transfer your items.

  • Log-in to your account
  • Click on Manage Inventory (green menu bar)
  • Choose the Sale where your items are located
  • Click Select Sale button
  • Use the status column at the far right in the table below and choose the drop down option for Not Sold items
  • Click on the Refresh button
  • Check the boxes of the items you would like to transfer or select the check all button if you would like to transfer all of your unsold items (If they are clothes, make sure they are the correct season for the sale.)
  • Click on the Items Transfer tab and choose the sale to transfer your items and then click on the Transfer Items button

Transferring Items

(from other sales that use My Consignment Manager)

If you consigned at another sale that used MyCM tagging system be sure to check to make sure your consignor numbers are the same or you will need to reprint your tags.  If you wish to change your price, discount or donate option, you will need to reprint your tags.

  • Register for the current Weecycled Wear sale 
  • Go to and log in as a seller
  • Choose Manage Inventory
  • Select the sale that you would like to transfer your items from
  • Choose Transfer Items
  • Choose the sale you would like to transfer your items to
  • Use the status column at the far right and choose the drop down option for Not Sold items
  • Click Refresh button
  • Check the boxes of the items you would like to transfer or select the check all button if you would like to transfer all of your unsold items (If they are clothes, make sure they are the correct season for the sale.)
  • Click on the Transfer Selected Items 


You determine what your items are priced, but how you price will determine if your items sell.  Shoppers do not want to pay for your memories, so try not to price sentimentally.  Below you will find some basic pricing suggestions.


Infant-Children’s size 18 & Juniors/Young Men's

Infant clothing is always in abundance so price competitively.  Sizes 2T- 6x are the most popular sizes.  Items new with tags will generally sell for 40% to 50% of the price paid.

Mass Retailers (Walmart, Target, etc)
Separates $1-$4 | Outfits $3-$6

Department Stores (Belk, Macy’s, JcPenny)
Separates $3-$6 | Outfits $5-$10

Separates $4-$8 | Outfits $8-$20

Upscale or Boutique Brands
Separates $6-$12 | Outfits $10-$30


American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc  


All Brands
Separates $2-$8| Outfits $5-$10


All Brands


Generally toys will sell 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price.  For example if a toy originally sold for $18 you may want to price it at $6.00.  If it is in perfect condition you can price higher.   Outdoor toys you can sell for more.  DVDs should probably be priced $2-$8.


Cribs | $30-$250

Crib Mattresses | $10-$50

Toddler Beds | $15-$85

Changing Tables | $15-$75

Pack n’ Plays | $20-$100

Bouncy Seats | $10-$40

Swings | $15-$100

High Chairs | $15-$75

Exersaucers/Walkers | $15-$50

Stroller Umbrella | $3-$25

Stroller Basic | $15-$50

Stroller Plush/High End | $40-$80

Stroller Double | $45-$150

Stroller Jogging | $40-$150

Stroller Travel System | $40-$175

Make sure all items are cleaned thoroughly.Hints to get the most money for your consigned items:

  • Double check to make sure all pieces are with the item and securely attached.
  • If you have the original instructions or owner’s manual, be sure to include it.
  • Find on the internet what your item sells for new and print it out and attach it to your consigned item.  Everyone loves a deal!
  • If you have lots of clothing separates, see if you can match some up to make outfits. 
  • Be sure to attach any accessories (hats, socks, bows, etc) to outfits.


In order to participate as a consignor and/or volunteer at Weecycled Wear Children's Consignment Sale you must agree to the following:

  • Weecycled Wear reserves the right to refuse any item(s) or pull any item(s) that is found to be unsafe or not acceptable on the sales floor.
  • Weecycled Wear is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items or items damaged by fire or flood.
  • Weecycled Wear is NOT responsible for improperly tagged items.  It is recommended that all items be labeled with a piece of masking tape with your consignor number to ensure that proper credit is given.
  • Weecycled Wear is not responsible for brought or sold items that are under manufacture’s recall.  It is your responsibility to check the recall list at
  • Consignors are paid 65% of their total sales less $10.00 consignor fee (Consignor fee helps cover postage, copies, and advertisement expenses. Consignors that use the Wee-Tag Service are paid 40% of their total sales less $10.00 consignor fee.  Checks if not available at pick up will be mailed as soon as possible after the conclusion of the sale (usually within one week).  All consignor's checks must be deposited or cashed within 90 days or the consignor will forfeit their funds.
  • ALL unsold stuffed animals will be donated at the end of the sale.
  • Any items not picked up on Pick-up day will become property of Weecycled Wear and be donated to local charities.
  • Volunteer at your own risk, Weecycled Wear is NOT responsible for any injuries that occur during your volunteer time.
  • Volunteers who do not show up for their scheduled shift(s) may be subject to a fine.  We rely on our volunteers and appreciate your valuable time!

By creating a User Account and participating in the sale you agree to the above Consignor/Volunteer Contract.


It is the consignor’s responsibility to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website for a current list of recalls.  Weecycled Wear is not responsible for items brought or sold that are under a manufacturer’s recall.  For all current recalls: 

Or another good source for checking the safety of products is