Wee-Tag Service


No time to tag?  No worries….let us do it for you with our Wee-Tag Service.  We have experienced taggers that are ready to help you earn some extra money on your new and gently used items.

Here is how it works:

  • Gather all of the items you would like to sell, making sure that they are clean and/or in working condition.  Hang clothing securely and correctly on hangers (if you need hangers we have them available for purchase at a reasonable price).  Place items in containers or boxes marked with your name and consignor number(these will NOT be returned)  Any items not acceptable will automatically be donated.
  • Drop items off to one of our Wee-Taggers at an agreed location.
  • Our experienced taggers will enter, price, tag, drop off your items to the sale.
  • You will get a consignor pass through email to join in the shopping fun on consignor night.
  • Throughout the sale you will be able to log in to your account and see what you have sold. Once you have a password, PLEASE do NOT change it before, during, or after the sale.
  • After the sale you may pick up any unsold items on Pick Up Day or they will be donated.  If donated you can print a copy of donated items for a deduction on your taxes.
  • You will receive 40% the total amount of your sold items.
  • Space is limited, so don’t delay!